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* Please arrive on time to class. The door will be locked at class start time. Please do not be that person that makes the instructor stop the class to open the door. *IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE LATE: Please call and/or text the instructor and let her know so she can be prepared.


* We kindly ask that you arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before the start of a class. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled class to fill out any necessary paperwork and/or relax before class.


* No children (18 and under) or animals are allowed in class. NO EXCEPTIONS.


* No person(s) is/are allowed to sit in the studio and wait for a participant to finish classNO EXCEPTIONS.


* If you arrive while a class is in session ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WALK THROUGH CLASSES THAT ARE IN SESSION. 😳


Please wear socks with grip (no regular socks!), legwarmers, or barefoot. NO STREET SHOES.


* Tight fitting exercise leggings/pants with a comfortable form-fitting top work best for our classes so you can see your body and the instructor can make sure you are in proper form. No shorts or bare mid-drifts please!


* Water! We allow bottled water in the studio and we have a filtered fountain to refill bottles. You may bring your water bottle with you to the mat but please clean up the water ring left on the floor!


* Cell phones are a disruption to our studio environment. Silence your cell phones!


* We respect your privacy! Pictures and video are prohibited in the studio from all participants and the instructor unless there is confirmed verbal and/or written consent prior to event taking place.


* Absolutely no food or gum in the studio.